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One-man rule: Can Turkey survive Erdogan?

February 3, 2022

Turkey’s economy is in crisis. But President Erdogan had his head in the sand. So, how long can he cling on to power? And what will follow? Guests: Sinem Adar (SWP), Bülent Mumay (journalist), Christian Hanelt (Middle East expert)

DW To the Point Englisch | 03.02.22 | Christian Hanelt
Image: DW


Christian Hanelt is Senior Expert for Europe, Neighbourhood and the Middle East at the Bertelsmann Foundation. He thinks: "Erdogan is weakened. But the Ukraine crisis and the huge number of refugees it has taken in mean that Turkey remains a key player.“

DW To the Point Englisch | 03.02.22 | Bülent Mumay
Image: DW


Bülent Mumay is an independent correspondent for Turkish and German media, including Deutsche Welle, mostly based in Istanbul. "Erdogan will do anything to stay in power – exploiting domestic and international crises. But now he’s losing his touch because of the economic situation."  

DW To the Point Englisch | 03.02.22 | Sinem Adar
Image: DW


Sinem Adar is an expert on Middle East and Turkey working with the Berlin based Think Tank Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik. Her opinion: "It’s hard to say how this might play out. But real change is looking increasingly likely.” 

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