On the Green Fence | Podcasts | DW | 21.03.2022

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On the Green Fence

This award-winning podcast is for those who want more than just the green angle when it comes to the environment.

How a German 'edible city' is teaching locals about food


On the Green Fence lives up to its name in looking at complex, often divisive environmental issues from multiple angles. Is eating less meat really a good idea? Are e-cars all they're cracked up to be? Should we stop flying and travelling?Do we need to downsize our homes?  

On the Green Fence is not about greenism, but about delving into the major concerns of our time in an engaging and human way. DW reporter & host Neil King sits on the fence and explores the role business, society and science play in our transition to a more environmentally friendly and decarbonized world. In so doing, he aims to make sense of issues that affect us all, but which are often over-simplified or convoluted by ideology and lobbyism. On the Green Fence stands for an open-minded, relevant and entertaining approach to the environment. 

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You can also find past episodes in DW's media center or our RSS feed.

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Send an email to onthegreenfence@dw.com and we will get back to you. 

On the Green Fence is produced and hosted by Natalie Muller and Neil King out of DW studios in Bonn, Germany. Neil and Natalie have won international radio and podcast awards for their work. 

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