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National Socialist Documentation Center opens in Munich

February 27, 2015

Following long in the wake of Berlin and Nuremberg, Munich is finally establishing its own Documentation Center. It officially opens on April 30, the 70th anniversary of Munich's liberation from the Nazis.

Der ehemalige Führerbau
The former Führerbau, besides the new building of the Documentation CentreImage: picture-alliance/dpa/Sven Hoppe

The newly constructed building stands on Königsplatz, a historical part of the city where the "Brown House" - Nazi party headquarters - once stood, and where now a white cube rises. In the immediate vicinity is the so-called "Führerbau," where Hitler had his office. So the Document Centre rises from the culprit's cradle, said the center's Director Winfried Nerdinger. The Nazi movement was founded in Munich and from its base spread across the rest of Germany. "Munich and National Socialism" is the title of the permanent exhibition, which covers approximately 1000 square meters, and will be constructed in the coming weeks. The exhibition covers the dramatic period from World War I through to the origins, rise and then crimes of the Nazi party, through to Germany's new beginnings in 1945.
Nerdinger explained the long delay between the end of National Socialism and the emergence of the Documentation Center as the shame of Munich. "In general, it can be said that Munich has carried a heavy guilt, more so than other cities in Germany because it was more burdened with history than any other city. It all began here."

Presented in both German and English, the center expects around 250,000 national and international guests each year.

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