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Mexico: Journalist murdered in Ciudad Juarez

October 31, 2020

A television journalist was found dead in Mexico's Ciudad Juarez after being shot at least 11 times. Arturo Alba Medina is at least the sixth journalist to be murdered in Mexico this year.

Forensic technicians work at a crime scene where unknown assailants gunned down Multimedios Channel 6 news anchor Arturo Alba
Image: Jose Luis Gonzalez/REUTERS

A Mexican journalist was shot dead in the city of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state governor Javier Corral said on Friday.

49-year-old Arturo Alba Medina, who reported on crime and violence and also hosted a television news show, was found dead on a street late on Thursday.

Alba Medina was shot at least 11 times, Chihuahua attorney general Cesar Peniche told the media.

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Threatened journalists in Mexico

According to media watchdog Reporters Without Borders, he was assassinated a few minutes after the end of his program.

Prosecutors said at least two people were involved in the attack but the motives behind it were not clear.

Peniche said it had not been ruled out that Alba Medina became a target for his journalism.

As per a tally by Reporters Without Borders, Alba Medina is the sixth journalist to be murdered this year in Mexico — one of the world's most dangerous countries for journalists.

Governor Corral condemned the "cowardly murder", adding that he had told prosecutors to ensure the killers are punished.

"Justice will be done," he wrote on Twitter.

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