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Head shot of a woman (Medana Weident) with black hair
Medana Weident

Medana Weident

Medana Weident has been working as a writer and editor for Deutsche Welle for over 30 years. She writes articles in Romanian and German.

Medana Weident seeks to build bridges and contribute to greater understanding between cultures. Her areas of interest include classical music, theater, literature as well as social and political themes.

Medana has worked for Deutsche Welle for over 30 years. During this time, she has reported year after year from numerous festivals and cultural events in Romania and Germany such as the National Theatre Festival (FNT) in Bucharest, the George Enescu International Festival, the International Theatre Festival (FITS) in Sibiu, the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, the Ruhrfestspiele in Recklinghausen, the Shakespeare Festival in Neuss and the Beethovenfest in Bonn.

She has also participated in numerous debates, conferences and workshops on cultural, political and social issues. Medana's articles are not only published on dw.com but have also appeared in various specialist publications in Romania and Germany.