Laszlo Kovacs: ″Tax policy should make the EU more competitive″ | Press Releases | DW | 17.11.2004
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Press Releases

Laszlo Kovacs: "Tax policy should make the EU more competitive"

Nominated EU-commissioner in an interview with DW-TV

"The tax policy of the European Union should serve the strategic goals of the EU in order to make EU more competitive to provide more and better jobs and also to maintain social achievements and last but not least to ensure the sustainability of development that is to protect the natural environmen"“, Laszlo Kovacs, nominated EU tax and Customs Union Commissioner, said in an interview with DW-TV.

"My ambition is, the EU should work toward a harmonized corporate tax base. I think that an harmonized tax base would certainly give more predictibility to the tax payers and to the companies and it will certainly facilitate business for them", Kovacs added at DW-TV. Regarding his plans the former hungarian Foreign Minister said, he is going "to harmonize the tax base and not the tax rate, but I don’t believe taxation has got such a decisive impact on the investment decisions".

16th of November 2004