Keeping the holiday romantic | DW Travel | DW | 14.02.2018
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Keeping the holiday romantic

It’s good to realize the cellphone is one of the worst romance killers among vacationing couples. A HolidayPirates (Urlaubspiraten) poll found what keeps a break from becoming a break-up.

Sun, palm trees and relaxation: that’s how most people imagine a romantic break with their partner. For many, that loving togetherness falls apart after only a few days. If you spend lots of time in close proximity, you have lots of time to disagree. One partner wants to lie on the beach; the other would prefer to explore the town. conducted a survey on the theme of romance on vacation among 7000 users of its travel portal and found that differing ideas about what to do once the couples were at their destination caused the most arguments while on a holiday (33 percent).

Second place went to a partner’s excessive cellphone use (24 percent). On the other hand, holidaymakers also got to know their partner’s positive side better. 

Those asked said that an easygoing attitude, thirst for adventure and willingness to compromise were what they valued most in their other halves.

Hamburg is Germany’s most romantic city. Half of those surveyed said the city on the Elbe was their favorite destination for a romantic break. Munich took second place, followed by Dresden. Berlin and Heidelberg came fourth and fifth.  

71 percent of those surveyed thought a marriage proposal while on vacation was definitely romantic. For many, the Caribbean was far out in front as a romantic honeymoon destination, followed by the Maldives, Hawaii, Bali and Mauritius.

Without the stress of everyday routine, there’s more time for the good things in life. Many couples try to rekindle their relationships while far from home: half of those surveyed had more sex on vacation than at home. A mere two percent admitted to once having had sex in an airplane lavatory. 

The Italians were voted the most flirtatious nation on holiday. The Spanish and French came second and third in the survey.


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