Jury: Galaxy devices don′t fall far enough from tree | News | DW | 27.08.2012
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Jury: Galaxy devices don't fall far enough from tree

A jury has awarded Apple just over $1 billion after ruling that Samsung infringed on patents for smartphones and tablets. The verdict could potentially have huge repercussions on the market.

Deliberating for not even three days on seven claims by Apple and five by Samsung on patent infringement, the jury in San Jose, California, gave the US company the favorable verdict and rejected all of the South Korean manufacturer's claims.

Apple had accused Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad for its Galaxy phones and tablets, and had sought up to $2.75 billion and an injunction to keep those devices off the US market.

The victory means that Apple may now choose to pursue other manufacturers of smartphone and tablets based on Google's Android operating system.

Earlier Friday, a South Korea court ruled the companies had infringed on each other's patents, forcing Apple to pay 40 million won (28,000 euros,$35,000) and Samsung to pay 25 million won, and imposing a partial ban on product sales there for both companies.

mkg/pfd (AFP, Reuters)