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Portrait of a woman (Jeannette Cwienk) with blonde hair and wearing a scarf and gray blazer
DW writer and editor Jeannette CwienkImage: Privat

Jeannette Cwienk

Writer and editor who focuses on climate, nature and the environment

Jeannette Cwienk works as a journalist for German media and specializes in reporting on "green" topics relating to climate, nature and the environment.

Jeannette has been working for DW for more than ten years. After studying law, she trained at and worked for German public service broadcasters ARD and ZDF.

She is passionate about all topics relating to nature, the environment and sustainability. In her research, she focuses primarily on the pressing problems caused by environmental pollution, the climate crisis and the species crisis — and what can be done about them.

Jeannette also puts this knowledge into practice in her private life, shopping in unpackaged stores, traveling by bus, train and bike instead of by car, avoiding air travel and saving energy.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time in nature and in the garden. She combines her love of nature and good food on her private blog about edible wild herbs.

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