Is China Africa’s new colonial power? | The 77 Percent | DW | 04.02.2021

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The 77 Percent

Is China Africa’s new colonial power?

More than 60 years have passed since the first African country gained independence from European colonizers. We talk to young Kenyans about their views on neocolonialism.

South African rapper Hemelbesem drops a few lines on Africanism and musician Elsa M’bala shares her experiences growing up in Germany with Cameroonian heritage. Plus, Senegalese street artist King Baba takes us on a tour through his city - Ziguinchor.


Is China Africa’s new colonial power?

East Africa has been ramping up efforts to expose its citizens to Chinese culture - particularly through language. In Kenya Mandarin is offered as a selective language in the national curriculum, while in Uganda it’s now a compulsory subject in some schools. But is this simply an exchange of cultures, or is there more to it?


Street Debate: Neocolonialism

Some argue that a new wave of colonialism is sweeping the African continent. Critics say foreign direct investment and aid from the West and China robs Africa of its economic independence under the guise of development. But are Europeans and the Chinese really to blame for all of these problems? Edith Kimani met with young residents in the Kenyan capital Nairobi to find out what they think.


Rap Up: Africanism by Hemelbesem

Produced exclusively for DW, South African rapper Simon Witbooi, aka Hemelbesem, dissects the legacy of colonialism on the African continent.



Beats between worlds: Elsa M’bala connects Africa and Europe through music

Musician Elsa M'bala was a child when her family moved from Cameroon to Germany, a former colonial power. Today, M’bala channels Berlin-style electro-beats to explore and reflect on the intertwined histories of both countries.


My City: Ziguinchor

Tucked away in Senegal’s Casamance region - isolated from large parts of the country by The Gambia - lies the provincial capital Ziguinchor. Graffiti artist King Baba shows us around his small hometown on the shores of the river.



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