India′s COVID surge: What you need to know | Coronavirus and Covid-19 - latest news about COVID-19 | DW | 27.04.2021

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India's COVID surge: What you need to know

India leads the world in daily number of new infections, now accounting for more than one-third of global COVID-19 cases. What's behind the surge?

A health worker tests blood oxygen level of a patient inside an ambulance

An oxygen shortage has severely hindered India's response to the second wave of the pandemic

India's second coronavirus wave has surpassed global records. As of April 30 more than 18.7 million infections had been confirmed in the country, while the number of deaths has topped 208,330 since the pandemic began. The country now accounts for well over 30% of global COVID-19 cases. 

graphics on COVID deaths in India
graphic COVID cases

DW takes a closer look at the surge in infections, the mutations and how the situation in India has quickly spiraled into a health disaster.

Graphic: COVID-19 cases in India by state

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