In search of the giant squeaker frog | Global Ideas | DW | 18.10.2016
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Global Ideas

In search of the giant squeaker frog

Gilbert Adum loves frogs. So much so, that he has devoted his life to saving them. And in that pursuit, he is helping to improve local lives - and making his mark as a bit of an environmental hero.

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Squeaker frog: on the brink of extinction?

Project area: Sui River Forest Reserve in western Ghana, for example.
Project goals: Protection of frogs and other amphibians. Protection of the forest as frog habitat and involvement of the local community in reforestation and development of alternative sources of income.
Biodiversity: The giant squeaker frog, for example.
Finanzierung: The work of "Save the frogs! Ghana" is financed through donations. Gilbert Adum's Climate Protection Scholarship at Alexander von Humboldt Foundation was funded by the International Climate Initiative
When biologist Gilbert Adum came across the giant squeaker frog aka Arthroleptis krokosua in Ghana's Sui Forest Reserve a few years ago, it captured his heart and his imagination. His organization "Save the frogs! Ghana" is devoted to the research and conservation of the threatened amphibian, which had previously been considered extinct in the area. The work also improves the quality of life for local communities. Adum won the Whitley Award - dubbed the "Green Oscar" - for his trailblazing work.

A film by Mabel Gundlach

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