Go West! Explore Cologne and Beyond | DW Travel | DW | 10.08.2005
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Go West! Explore Cologne and Beyond

The cathedral city on the Rhine offers a good starting point for daytripping to cities along the mighty river, as well as short jaunts to historical sites and walks through pristine forests.


Cologne and the western region of Germany has lots to offer

Germany as a whole has a rich historical and cultural history but if one had to visit an area that contains all the diverse aspects of the country -- the music, the art, the architecture and sights of historical importance -- there would be few better places to head to than the western regions.

From the former industrial heartland of the Ruhr Valley, down the Rhine to the home of the Düsseldorf fashionistas and onto the Roman city of Cologne, vistors can enjoy a real cross-section of what Germany has to offer. Further afield, there are other delights such as the border city of Aachen -- the gateway to Belgium and the Netherlands -- and the wine region of the Mosel.

A trip around the west of Germany offers much in the way of ancient and modern culture. Here DW-WORLD offers a glimpse at the highlights of the western regions.

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