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Peat Bogs to the Rescue?

November 19, 2021

Intact peatlands are enormous carbon sinks and can help to curb global warming. But many of these wetlands are drained and now release large amounts of greenhouse gases. Is this reversible with reflooding?

Belgien | Torfmoor im Platten Venn
Image: J. & A. Kosten/imageBROKER/picture alliance


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NASA Sonneneruptionen der Klasse X1.0
Image: NASA/UPI Photo via Newscom/picture alliance

Just ask!

Our viewer's question this week comes from Román Gomez in Mexico who wants to know: Does the sun rotate around its own axis?



Projekt Zukunft | Sandabbau
Image: WDR

Built from sand

The humble sand is actually one of the world's top commodities. But its supply is not infinite. In Germany, the construction industry uses up massive amounts of this natural resource. How could we excavate and use the material more sustainably?



Projekt Zukunft | Wanderdüne
Image: WDR

How do dunes protect coastlines?

Coastal dunes can prevent storm surges. But how reliable is their potential in the era of climate change? Researchers at the University of Bordeaux have been probing how dunes change and if migrating sands can be controlled to our benefit.




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