Germany: Storm forces hundreds to sleep on Deutsche Bahn trains | News | DW | 18.09.2019

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Germany: Storm forces hundreds to sleep on Deutsche Bahn trains

A strong storm in northern Germany forced rail operator Deutsche Bahn to cancel many trains in the region. Instead of being able to travel to their destination, passengers found themselves stuck sleeping on extra trains.

German railway operator Deutsche Bahn cancelled several trains early Wednesday due to debris blocking routes in northern Germany, but the company said while delays continued the situation had improved by midmorning.

A strong storm had blown over trees and strewn debris across the tracks on Tuesday night, causing some trains to stop abruptly. Due to the cancellations, hundreds of travellers were stranded in Hanover, Hamburg and Bremen.

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To accommodate the stranded passengers, Deutsche Bahn brought in extra Intercity Express (ICE) trains. In Hanover, 200 people slept in two of the trains provided by the German operator.

Hundreds of people stuck in the Hanover train station

Hanover was worst hit by the delays

One train heading to Hamburg from Switzerland was stuck for hours before half of the passengers were transferred to Hanover by bus. The other half were forced to stay on the train until repairs were finished.

Trains brought to Hamburg and Kassel weren't needed, according to a Deutsche Bahn spokesperson.

The storm is expected to continue on Wednesday. However, meteorologists believe the worst has passed.

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ls/sms (dpa, AFP)

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