Germany quiz, part I | DW Travel | DW | 16.11.2017
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Germany quiz, part I

What do Germans really like to eat? Where do they wear Lederhosen? Which landmark can be found in which city? We'll help you test your knowledge by regularly asking five questions about Germany.

Germany is a very versatile travel destination. Here you can find mountains as well as flatlands, lakes, beaches, idyllic rural life and vibrant cities. As diversified as the country is, so are its people. Bavarians have very different traditions than the people from the Rhineland, folks from Hamburg love their fish rolls, while the Swabians prefer spätzle noodles. The dialects and accents spoken in Saxony or East Fresia are so different that most other Germans don't not understand what they're saying. How much do you know? Are you ready to take a tour of Germany and test your knowledge?