Germany Joins the Security Council: But Is the UN Broken? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 10.01.2019
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Germany Joins the Security Council: But Is the UN Broken?

On New Year’s Day, Germany began its two-year non-permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council. Yet many are questioning the organization’s ability to find solutions to problems around the world. Has the United Nations run its course? Our guests: Gunter Pleuger (former German ambassador to the UN), Christoph v. Marschall (Tagesspiegel), Andrea Shalal (Reuters)

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Gunter Pleuger was Germany's former ambassador to the UN and is member to the presidium of the United Nations Association of Germany. He says: "In an increasingly interdependent world, we NEED the UN to find global solutions, as it's the only organisation that can determine international law."



Christoph v. Marschall is a diplomatic correspondent at the Berliner Tagesspiegel. He says: “Being nice is not enough. Germany must show that it can apply pressure to achieve its goals.”



Andrea Shalal works for Thomson Reuters on security issues. And she says: “The United Nations has long-standing institutional problems that have been magnified by Donald Trump and his 'America First' policies, but it will s