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Germany: 4 injured in clashes involving far right

May 2, 2022

Four members of a far-right group have been injured in the eastern German city of Zwickau, during clashes between extremists and counterdemonstrators. The victims were attacked with unknown blunt instruments.

Members of the far-right group "The Third Way" march in Zwickau as German police run beside them
Clashes broke out during a march by the far-right group "The Third Way" in the German city of ZwickauImage: Sebastian Willnow/dpa/picture alliance

Four people from a far-right group were seriously injured in the German city of Zwickau, in the country's east, as they returned from a march of like-minded extremists on Sunday.

The four were reportedly seriously injured when they were attacked leaving the Crimmitschau suburban rail station following the march, leaving bloodstains.

All four were responsive but taken to hospital for injuries to their hands and heads. Witnesses said blunt instruments were used in the attack on members of the far right.

What happened in Zwickau?

Some 500 extremists from the far-right The Third Way (Der Dritte Weg) had been expected in Zwickau Sunday. At its peak, some 1,650 people took part in the march and the counterdemonstrations, according to police in eastern Saxony.

Police said 1,100 officers were on duty in Zwickau to protect "the fundamental right of freedom of assembly."

Police are investigating the attack on members of the far right and are looking for up to ten individuals from a left-wing group they believe to have been involved in the incident.

Incident follows earlier clashes

A police spokesperson said that earlier Sunday, members of the far right had thrown stones at a train filled with left-wing activists as their train arrived in Glauchau from Dresden. Police responded by arresting 37 right-wing extremists.

In the earlier incident, two counterdemonstrators sustained mild injuries while one was seriously injured.

In Glauchau, one attacker gave a Hitler salute while another wore a belt featuring a swastika. Saxony police said charges were filed for the use of unconstitutional symbols.

In nearby Chemnitz there were also clashes at the railway station earlier in the day. Fifty far-right demonstrators were removed from a train headed for Zwickau.

ar/jsi (AFP, dpa)