German Weblog Exposes Greenwashing Attempts | Living Planet | DW | 27.02.2008

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Living Planet

German Weblog Exposes Greenwashing Attempts

The greener the image the better -- some companies, lobbyists, and politicians are not genuine in their green practices. These greenwashing attempts are exposed by the "Climate Lie Detector".

How green is a company really?

How green is a company really?

A new weblog has been set up in Germany targeted at all those who are interested in environmental topics. The blog is called "Klima Lügendetektor", or "Climate Lie Detector". It has been set up by a group of journalists who were increasingly irritated by companies, politicians or lobbyists using what the journalists call "green PR stunts" to improve their image. The group wants to draw attention to abuse and set the records right in their blog.

Studio guest: Nina Haase

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