German Exports Seen Growing in 2005 | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 08.03.2005
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German Exports Seen Growing in 2005

German exports are expected to remain the primary engine of growth in the eurozone's biggest economy this year when they are scheduled to grow by around six percent, the BGA wholesale and export federation predicted on Tuesday. The trade group said it expected Germany to export about €777.5 billion ($1 trillion) worth of goods in 2005, a rise of six percent from 2004 levels. The forecast was made "on the condition that the dollar does not find itself on a new downward spiral again soon," BGA added. In 2004, Germany held on to its title of the world's champion exporter by exporting goods worth a total €731 billion and running up a trade surplus of €155.6 billion. This year, the trade surplus was expected to grow to €171.2 billion, BGA predicted. Exports were expected to grow particularly strongly to Russia, China and central and Eastern Europe. BGA said it based its forecasts on the assumption that the global economy would grow by six percent and the German economy by one percent. "Without exports as the main driving force, Germany would be on the brink of a recession. We're not managing to revitalize domestic
demand," BGA president Anton Börner said. (AFP)