G20 protests in green | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 06.07.2017
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G20 protests in green

As the G20 kicks off, creative protest action is already underway - Hamburg's current "wave of protest" has environmental topics at its core. This carries forward a long tradition in the anti-globalization movement.

Climate change is at the top of the agenda for the G20 in Hamburg - and not just at the summit.

Also civil society and activist groups have been shining a light on environmental issues - sometimes quite literally.

Greenpeace activists project an image of the earth, shaped like a heart, onto the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg

"Love letter to the Earth"

Be it a light installation or a hot-air balloon, the folks at Greenpeace are up to their old antics - bringing attention to environmental topics in sometime provocative ways.

WWF message in windows for climate protection

Messages all around

WWF is not to be left out - on the facade of electricity utility Lichtblick in Hamburg was the clear message: "The climate crisis hurts us all. Act on Paris now!"

The action was undertaken in cooperation with the utility.

A thousand figures art action in Hamburg

Art with love

And of course, the street party continues - with a message, of course. In a performance of the collective "1000 Gestalten" (a thousand figures), participants "freed" themselves from a grey crust. To come out in green - and a plethora of other colors, too.

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