Fresh cuts: Thai startup turning fabric scraps into new clothes | Global Ideas | DW | 24.03.2022

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Global Ideas

Fresh cuts: Thai startup turning fabric scraps into new clothes

In Thailand, a startup is making the circular economy a reality. It saves surplus fabric from the scrap heap by selling it to designers and businesses, who transform it into new textiles.

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Work wear made from spare fabric

Getting creative with fabric scraps to save CO2 and promote a circular economy: that's the unusual business model of the Thai startup moreloop. Its founders joined forces five years ago with a vision to make the clothing industry more sustainable.

So far, the company says it has saved 500 tons of carbon dioxide by not producing new fabric, and has won numerous prizes for its work.

A close of someone handling fabric

Surplus fabric gets a new lease on life at moreloop

Business customers and designers can find cheap surplus fabric for their collections from textile factories on moreloop's online platform. Some 70 textile companies in Thailand use moreloop to sell their excess fabric to around 150 customers, who use it to make items of clothing.

The startup also sells its own products made from excess fabric, including COVID face masks, work and sportswear. It hopes to promote the idea of the circular economy with its business model.

Project goal: moreloop plans to save a million kilograms of CO2 by 2024 by not using newly produced fabric.  

Awards: moreloop is a winner of a SEED Award for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development. SEED is sponsored by the International Climate Initiative of Germany's Environment Ministry.  

A film by Gerlind Vollmer

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