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01.2012 DW Global 3000

Fighting Illegal Sand Extraction And Other Topics

May 7, 2021

A booming construction industry is leading to the depletion of the world's sand stores. Could a more circular economy help protect natural resources?

DW I Global 3000 I Der Welt geht der Sand aus
Image: DW

Running out of sand

Even countries with desert regions are having to import sand from abroad to meet soaring demand from the construction industry. That has prompted criminals to illegally extract sand from riverbeds and beaches.


DW I Global 3000 I Wie funktioniert Kreislaufwirtschaft?
Image: DW

How does the circular economy work?

Many of the items we no longer need end up being burned at trash sites. The environmental costs are significant. An alternative would be to design products to be reused or converted back into raw materials.


DW I Global 3000 I Deutschland: Neues Leben für Mode von gestern
Image: DW

Germany: Refashioning discarded fabric

Just one percent of the 92 million tons of textiles dumped each year end up being recycled. But with a little creativity, you can make magnificent things out of old fabric. A company in eastern Germany gives discarded clothes a new lease of life.


DW I Global 3000 I Dominikanische Republik: Global Teen
Image: DW

Dominican Republic: Global Teen

Wesley Pyrame Thomas comes from Verón in the Dominican Republic. His passions are basketball and music. His dream is to become an architect.



DW I Global 3000 I Brasilien Währung
Image: NDR

Brazil: Local currency helps town thrive

Unlike the rest of the country, the Brazilian town of Maricá has weathered the coronavirus pandemic relatively well. One major reason for the resilience is the mayor's decision to issue welfare payments in the form of a local digital currency.


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