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Far-right suspect extradited to Germany from Netherlands

August 27, 2020

Dutch authorities have extradited a German man suspected of launching a website that encouraged anti-Semitic violence and pro-Nazi views. Police apprehended the man in the Netherlands in July.

a stockphoto of police escoriting a man in handcuffs
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/P. Zinken

A German man accused of spearheading a far-right group that shared pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic material online has been extradited to his home country from the Netherlands, German federal prosecutors confirmed Thursday. 

Fadi J. was arrested in Heerlen, in the Netherlands, near the German border in July. Authorities have withheld his last name in line with German privacy laws. 

J. is accused of co-founding the "Goyim Party Germany" group in 2016. Prosecutors say the group’s website promoted material denying the Holocaust and praising crimes committed by the Nazi regime, news agency AP reported. 

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The site also featured "deeply disparaging anti-Semitic propaganda'' that included a call to kill Jews. 

The accused appeared Wednesday evening before a Federal Court of Justice judge who had issued the warrant and ordered he be detained ahead of his trial, prosecutors said.

Half a dozen more suspects

A second suspect was arrested in Berlin at the same time J. was apprehended in the Netherlands, AP said. Suspect Marcus B. is accused of joining the group in 2018. 

At least six other suspects are also being investigated. 


Kristie Pladson
Kristie Pladson Business reporter, editor and moderator with a focus on technology and German economy.@bizzyjourno