Examine it! Audi celebrates 25 years in China | Drive it! - The Motor Magazine | DW | 07.08.2013
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Drive it!

Examine it! Audi celebrates 25 years in China

Seit 25 Jahren ist Audi mit einer Produktionsstätte in China präsent und baut in Changchun vier Modelle für den dortigen Markt.

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Audi has been around in China for 25 years, producing four different models for the Chinese market at its production site in Changchun.The anniversary also coincides with another milestone: It took Audi 22 years to sell their first million cars, but just three years later they've sealed the deal on the second millionth. The success of their business has prompted the company to diversify. They want to expand their range and produce A3 saloon and sportback cars at their new factory in Foshan.