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Turkish elections: Erdogan's moment of truth?

May 11, 2023

Turkish elections could be quite close and Recep Tayyip Erdogan could lose power. Can Turkish democracy reboot itself? Our guests: Dilek Kurban (University of Copenhagen), Can Dündar (Journalist), Julia Hahn (DW)

DW Sendung To The Point | Julia Hahn
Image: DW



Julia Hahn reports for DW from Turkey and has been covering the run up to the election.


DW Sendung To The Point | Dilek Kurban
Image: DW



Dilek Kurban works at the University of Copenhagen. She previously headed the democratization program at the Turkish Foundation for Economic and Social Studies and wrote for Turkish media.


DW Sendung To The Point | Can Dündar
Image: DW

Can Dündar is the former editor in chief of the Turkish daily Cumhurriyet, now living in exile here in Germany.

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