DW strongly rejects accusations by Russia′s Duma | News | DW | 19.08.2019
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DW strongly rejects accusations by Russia's Duma

In reaction to a series of protests across the country, Russia's parliament has announced a probe into "foreign meddling" by Western governments and media — including DW.

The Russian Parliament has, in a special session, accused foreign media outlets and US Embassy diplomats in Moscow of meddling in internal Russian affairs. The Chairman of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, on Monday also criticized DW. He accused Germany's international broadcaster of inciting participation in demonstrations that were not sanctioned by Moscow authorities. In doing so, Volodin said, DW violated Russian law.

The Duma has now formed a cross-party parliamentary committee to investigate the accusations against DW, other foreign media outlets and the US Embassy. The committee is expected to convene in the coming days.

DW completely rejects the accusations by the Duma. DW has not called on people to take part in protests in any published article, social media post or report. "We see a direct link between these claims by the Duma and the Russian Foreign Ministry and the arrest of one of our correspondents in late July," said DW spokesperson Christoph Jumpelt.

Protests have been a regular occurrence in Moscow and a number of other cities in recent weeks. Several opposition candidates have been excluded from September 8 local elections in Moscow for allegedly breaking regulations.

Thousands of demonstrators have been arrested. DW has reported on these protests.

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Moscow warns of crackdown on 'unauthorized' rally

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