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Crisis in Turkey: Should Europe Prop Up Erdogan?

August 23, 2018

Turkey's economy faces collapse, its currency is in free fall: Should Europe now stand by President Erdogan and help stem the tide? Or should it first force the autocrat to change course? Guests: Alan Posener (Die Welt), Christoph von Marschall (Der Tagesspiegel), Seda Serdar (DW)

DW Sendung Quadriga 23.08.2018
Image: DW

Alan Posener, author and commentator for the Berlin newspaper Die Welt, who says: "Europe must help Turkey. The Erdogans come and go, but the Turkish people remain Europe's bridge to the Muslim world."


DW Sendung Quadriga 23.08.2018
Image: DW

Christoph von Marschall is chief diplomatic correspondent for another Berlin daily, the Tagesspiegel. Christoph believes that: "Erdogan is a misguided autocrat. He’ll only respond to pressure, and not support.”

DW Sendung Quadriga 23.08.2018
Image: DW

Seda Serdar, who is head of Foreign News at Deutsche Welle’s Politics Department, argues that: “Europe must strive for a stable Turkey, but not at any cost.”

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