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Cologne police raid Hells Angels hideout

June 1, 2017

Cologne police have raided a Hells Angels hideout in the Ostheim area, seizing a cache of firearms. The raid follows an attempted attack by the Hells Angels on a rival gang in central Cologne.

Bildergalerie Rocker Motorradclubs Kutten Kuttenverbot Hells Angels
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/E. von Erichsen

A spokesperson for Cologne police said on Thursday that authorities had seized a large cache of guns and knives from a Hells Angels hideout the night before.

Around 100 heavily armed police officers broke into the hideout in the Cologne district of Ostheim, using an armored vehicle to breach the steel gate.

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Authorities encountered 12 gang members inside, the spokesperson said, who were questioned at the scene. The search operation went on through the night into early Thursday morning, with police saying they would provide further information later in the day.

The spokesperson said police were looking for evidence related to an attempted attack carried out two weeks ago by around 40 Hells Angels members in central Cologne. The Hells Angels had targeted the birthday celebration of the leader of the Bandidos, a rival gang.

Hells Angels members had tried to force themselves through a police barricade into the Bandidos hideout. A number of gang members were arrested after the incident and charged with breaching the peace.

dm/msh (dpa, AFP)