Brexit: Battle for Britain? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 22.11.2018
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Brexit: Battle for Britain?

Crucial days for Theresa May and Brexit. The British prime minister is fighting to seal support for her exit deal ahead of the upcoming special EU summit. But in London, criticism abounds. Will the UK leave the EU without an agreement? Guests: Alex Forrest Whiting (DW Reporter), Jon Worth (Political Adviser) and Alan Posener (Die Welt)

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Alex Forrest Whiting is a DW reporter and former Westminster political correspondent. She says: "Too many British politicians have seen Brexit as a battle against a European Empire in which the ‘plucky’ Brits would triumph. The reality is very different and it’s now hard to see if there will be any winners at all."



Alan Posener is a British-German author writing for the German newspaper "Die Welt". He says: "Brexit is a lose-lose. The deal is bad, but no deal is worse."


Jon Worth lives in Berlin and is a blogger, political adviser and member of the Green party. He says: "No one likes May’s deal. And Britain leaving the EU with no deal is not an option either -- neither for the UK nor for the EU. So better a second referendum and no Brexit!"