Birthday Wishes | PopXport - The German Music Magazine | DW | 16.01.2014
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Birthday Wishes

In January PopXport celebrated its 10th anniversary! A bunch of German bands and recording artists like the Scorpions, Jennifer Rostock and Tim Bendzko have sent congratulations. We’ve posted just of few of them here.

"Hi, we are the Scorpions and you might know the Scorpions will be shown between Siberia and the Amazonas and whenever we check into a hotel, you know, and check all the TV channels most of the stuff you don’t understand anyway and then there is Deutsche Welle and you know you’re connected with Germany, see the news and you see popXport. And it’s unbelievable – ten years already! So congratulations for the tenth anniversary and you know what: Simply keep on rocking!"

“Hello, Jennifer Rostock here. We wish you, dear popXport all the best for a 10,000 years to come. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary – a big kiss from us.“
Jennifer Rostock

"I’d like to wish popXport all the best for your anniversary. Keep it up!"
Tim Bendzko

"Hey, it's me, Natalie from Cascada. Happy anniversary, popXport! Here’s to you and may you last a long time. Thanks a million for everything – especially the fantastic music reports. Lots of love!“
Natalie Horler of Cascada

“Hey, popXport is ten years old. For ten whole years popXport has been presenting bands from all over Germany, so the whole world knows what’s going down in this wonderful country. Wow, groovy."
Itchy Poopzkid

“Dear friends and fans of popXport, we’re the Killerpilze and want to say congratulations and all the best from the bottom of our hearts for your 10 year anniversary. We’re so happy that you’ve been promoting German music for an entire decade – we think you’re great!“

"All the best on this happy occasion, good luck and I’ll be on the look-out for you. Rock on.“
Doro Pesch

“Hey there, popXport. You’re ten years old. Congratulations. We’re happy for you. To the next 10 years – all the best from the guys in Revolverheld. Ahoi.“

"I’ve played concerts in Russia, the USA and Canada, and people there say they keep up with us on popXport and I think that’s great, and to be honest, sort of sweet. Happy anniversary and all the best for the next ten years. I hope you get enough money to keep the show exciting, just as good as it’s been for the past decade. Congratulations! Bye.”
Thees Uhlmann

“We think it’s just great that there’s a show that features exclusively Germany bands and I hope that popXport will be around for a long time.”
Udo Dirkschneider from U.D.O.

“Yeah, congratulations popXport on Deutsche Welle. All the best from Sebastian Sturm and Exile Airline.”
Sebastian Sturm and Exile Airline

“Hi, we’re Tonbandgerät. We want to wish popXport all the best on your tenth anniversary. Ten years – that’s nothing to sneeze at. Don’t change your style and keep playing that good music. We’ll be watching. See you soon, bye!”

“Hi popXport, it is Jaqee and I am here to wish you guys a happy tenth anniversary and wish you the best for the future. And thank you so much for the support, thanks for bringing the world to us, thanks for keeping it international, for keeping it real. So have fun in the future and all the best with your projects. Love!”

"Congratulations on your tenth anniversary, popXport on Deutsche Welle. You guys are super, keep it up for another ten years and then I can congratulate again. Stay cool!”

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