Battle for Idlib: Endgame in Syria? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 13.09.2018
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Battle for Idlib: Endgame in Syria?

Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad and his allies are getting ready for a final assault on the last rebel stronghold in the country, Idlib. The city is home to an estimated three million people and many observers fear a slaughter of civilians. Guests: Maissun Melhem (DW), Michael Lüders (Middle East Expert), Alan Posener (Die Welt)

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Our guests:

Maissun Melhem is of Syrian origin and works for DW’s Arabic department. She believes: “The battle for Idlib could be the endgame for rebels in Syria, but it's legacy could start a new hard time for both turkey and Europe.” 



Alan Posener is a commentator fort he daily newspaper „Die Welt“. He says: Germany should join the allied military coalition to prevent a massacre by the Syrians, Russians and Iranians in Idlib. Better late than never.



Michael Lüders is a middle east expert and author of several books about the region. He says: “Assad will stay in power. But the next conflicts within Syria are already looming.”