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Apple enters refugee crisis with donations

September 18, 2015

Apple has enabled its customers to make a "financial donation" to aid refugees in Europe. CEO Tim Cook told employees the company will also make a donation in hopes of easing "the hardship so many are enduring."

Apple Logo New York
Image: picture-alliance/AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

American technology giant Apple enabled a function on its operating system's App Store allowing iPhone and MacBook consumers the ability to make a donation to the Red Cross in response to Europe's largest refugee crisis since World War II.

"Help people affected by the refugee and migration crisis across the Mediterranean Sea and in Europe by making a financial donation to the American Red Cross," the company said on the App Store's donation page.

The move comes as the EU struggles to cope with the mass influx of refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Meanwhile, a message from CEO Tim Cook posted on Apple's Intranet site said that the company would be making a "substantial donation" to relief agencies responding to the refugee crisis.

Apple - Keynote September 2015
CEO Cook said Apple will be making a "subtantial donation to relief agencies"Image: Reuters/B. Diefenbach

"Apple is making a substantial donation to relief agencies which provide humanitarian aid to refugees in Europe and around the Mediterranean," Cook said.

Cook also noted that donations from employees would be matched "2-for-1" if made to the Red Cross campaign or select others.

"Apple is dedicated to advancing human rights around the world. We hope the actions we're taking will help make the situation less desperate for some and ease hardship so many are enduring," Cook concluded.

Earlier this week, Google also said it would be contributing to easing the refugee crisis, stating it would match at least $5.5 million (4.86 million euros) of donations made through its dedicated page.

According to the website, it has already raised 10 million euros ($11.28 million) "globally for refugees and migrants," which will be donated to its relief partners Doctors without Borders, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and the UN Refugee Agency.

The EU witnessed 213,000 first time migrants apply for asylum within its borders between April and June of this year.

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