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Angela Merkel stumbles onto stage

November 28, 2019

German Chancellor Merkel tripped over a step approaching a podium. Though health concerns have mounted over the chancellor since she suffered "shaking" attacks over the summer, she was able to joke about the stumble.

Angela Merkel speaks at business event
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/J. Carstensen

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stumbled while taking some stairs to a podium at a business event on Wednesday. The 65-year-old chancellor immediately got back to her feet without assistance.

"I didn't see the stairs, I'll take them next time," she joked, once she reached the podium.

The German leader was speaking at an event for the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Berlin.

Over the summer, Merkel's health was called into question when she suffered three episodes of public shaking. Dismissing health concerns, she was forced to remain seated while national anthems were played at various public gatherings over the last few months.

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Merkel has suffered no serious health issues since she became chancellor. The center-right CDU politician plans to step down at the next election in 2021.

Merkel visibly shaking during ceremony

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