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DW-Aktion „Wir sind Deutschland“ Jana Pareigis
Image: DW


February 1, 2017

Where are you from? Afro-German journalist Jana Pareigis has heard that question since her early childhood. In fact, black people have been living in Germany for 400 years.


In our documentary Pareigis travels through the country to speak with other black Germans, including rap stars and pro footballers, and find out what their experiences have been - and what needs to change.

Black people have been living in Germany for around 400 years, and today there are an estimated one million Germans with dark skin. But they still get asked, "Where are you from?" Jana Pareigis is all too familiar with this often latently racist question. When she was a child, the Afro-German TV presenter also thought her skin color was a disadvantage. "When I was young, I wanted to be white,” she says. Parageis takes us on a trip through Germany from its colonial past up to the present day, visiting other dark-skinned Germans to talk about their experiences. They include rapper Samy Deluxe, pro footballer Gerald Asamoah and Theodor Michael, who lived as a black man in the Third Reich. They talk about what it’s like to be black in Germany. DW’s Susanne Lenz-Gleissner and Jana Pareigis made this film together with Afro-German director Adama Ulrich.


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