360° Open House - Berlin, Germany | Lifestyle | DW | 18.05.2020

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Join us for a tour of Europe’s most stylish homes

360° Open House - Berlin, Germany

Once a month, Euromaxx takes you into the homes of creative people across Europe with the "360° Open House". This time it is about a 19th century mansion with special home office features.

Open House 360° | Euromaxx

The original "Villa Ebeling" in its times.

Above the eastern shore of Berlin's Wannsee, then located outside the big city and now in the extreme southwest of the German capital, the first buildings of the so-called "Wannsee Villenkolonie" were built in the 1870s. 

Meet Sophie Oemus in 360°.

The magnificent summer villas, built in a park, represented a unique cultural landscape of the Weimar Republic. Few mansions are preserved today, so that the total work of art of the complex that was created at that time can only be guessed at.

The "Villa Ebeling" is one of the mansions that are still preserved today and are listed as historical monuments. The property of this building ensemble, originally planned as a medieval noble court, is divided today.

The gatehouse with tower and armoury as well as the stables is owned and inhabited by the family of fashion designer Sophie Oemus.

The owners have rebuilt and modernised the gatehouse according to their ideas - Sophie Oemus has placed particular emphasis on preserving the "antique" charm. Mixed with modern art and Asian craftsmanship, she also uses the rooms for her creative work. Thus, the fashion designer's study is located on the first floor, the former stable building is used as a meeting room and the representative "salon" serves as a private showroom.

Discover this 360°-gatehouse on your own! 

To do so, you don't need to download an app, you can enjoy the 360º experience conveniently in your browser (Chrome and Firefox!).

How it works 
1. Click on the play icon of the 360º experience.
2. Connect headphones, turn on the sound.

Experience 360º  via
a.          Magic Windows Mode on your PC or Smartphone
b.          Click on the Cardboard icon and insert your smartphone into the cardboard.
c.          Click on the Cardboard icon and connect your VR glasses (Oculus or HTC Vive).

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