Young duo fights to eradicate plastic bags | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 07.03.2014
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Young duo fights to eradicate plastic bags

After Carnival some people sacrifice something until Easter. Lisa Teuber and Lena Jahnke decided to give up up plastic bags - and to publicly promote their dangers. DW's Natalie Muller met with the pair.

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Lisa Teuber, 18, and Lena Jahnke, 19, are volunteers with a public awareness campaign in Bonn called "Plastiktüten? Nein Danke!" or Plastic Bags? No, Thank You. They gave up plastic bags for Lent last year and continue their crusade to persuade customers to bring reusable bags when they go shopping.

"We're not trying to forbid people to use (plastic bags)," Lisa said. "We're just trying to make people aware how dangerous this stuff is…we want the production to be reduced."

Late last year the European Commission proposed measures to drastically reduce plastic bag use across the EU, including getting member states to set targets, charge a compulsory fee for plastic bags, or impose an outright ban.

Lena and Lisa are already doing their part: two school students regularly man information stalls in the city center; they give out reusable cotton bags, and talk to shoppers and business owners about using less plastic. Their ultimate goal? Make Bonn the first plastic-bag-free city in Germany. DW's Natalie Muller spoke with the young activisits.

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