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Women around the world
Image: Ahmed Mohamed

Women around the world: Egypt

April 18, 2017

In collaboration with EyeEm, DW invited photographers to share images that offer an insight into the lives of women around the world. This one was taken in Egypt by Ahmed Mohamed.


DW: Where did you take the picture?

Ahmed Mohamed. I took this photo in one of the oldest districts in Cairo - el Sayeda Zainab.

Do you come from or live in the country where it was taken?

Yes, I live in cairo and I'm an Egyptian.

Who is in the picture and what inspired you to take it?

I dont know the woman personally. I was just passing by the street and was inspired by the moment. I wondered what all those cats were doing, so I got closer, and I saw this kind women feeding them.

What does your image say about the culture of women in your country?

It says that women in my country are kindhearted which is true. Egyptian women are lovely mothers who take great care of their children.

How important are gender issues to you?

I looked up the meaning of gender issues and it appears to me that it means treating men and women equally. Honestly, I prefer to treat women fairly than equally. I feel it is unjust to treat a woman like a man. A pregrant woman, for example, is supposed to work like a man? Sounds so unfair to me!

Do you think women are fairly treated in your country?

Some people treat them fairly, some do not. In the past few years, there have been a lot of laws in favor of women that have solved a lot of problems - especially for divorced women.

If not, what needs to be changed, and is it possible?

What needs to be changed is the way of thinking among some people, and the media can play an important role. Sometimes women treat other women unfairly. For example, in some sexual harassment situations, if a woman complained, some other women wouldn't defend her, but would blame her for not being dressed properly or whatever they think.

Where do you think life as a woman would be easiest?

Life as a women is harder, not especially in my country, but everywhere. The role women are playing is very hard, especially with children. Honestly, they are making miracles.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

EyeEm is a Berlin-based community of 18 million photographers from all over the world.

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