Winter sports, countryside and old crafts in the Bavarian Forest | DW Travel | DW | 14.02.2013
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Winter sports, countryside and old crafts in the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest is central Europe's largest contiguous forest landscape. Known as a region for nature lovers and hiking fans, the area also has much to offer and discover during winters.

Our trip begins on the Grosser Arber. At almost 1500 meters above sea level, it's the Bavarian Forest's highest peak. Want snow? The Grosser Arber is one of the most likely places in Germany to have it. The mountain also hosts the region's biggest ski areas. The Grosser Arber's seven downhill runs offer winter thrills for even experienced skiiers.

A woman looking at the eight meter high pyramis made of over 93.000 glasses Photo: Armin Weigel dpa/lby +++(c) dpa - Report+++

The tallest glass pyramid in the world can be found in Zwiesel

The Bavarian Forest is also a glassmaking region. That's apparent in the town of Zwiesel's main landmark: an eight-meter-high pyramid of glass. 93,665 wine glasses constitute this tallest crystal glass pyramid in the world. More on the craft can be found in the crystal manufacture in Theresienthal. The former purveyor to Europe's royal courts still offers highest-quality souvenirs.

On another mountain, the Lusen in the Bavarian Forest National Park, you can observe nature, for example taking a guided tour to get up close to a lynx or bear. Or head up into the trees to stroll the capnopy walkway. At 1.3 kilometers it's the world's longest. From the platform at 44 meters above ground it provides fantastic views of the region.

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