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What is green living anyway?

June 7, 2016

Global Ideas is all about green living this week. We explore the many ways in which people are trying to be more mindful of the environment in their everyday lives.


The past few years have seen the term "green living" slowly take root in the English language, where it has, in many parts of the world, becomes a lifestyle to aspire to. But what exactly does it mean? Thing is, there is no single definition, but if you stick to the three "R's" of recycle, reduce and reuse, then you are well on the way to, let's call it greenliness.

This week, we have put together a collection of video, audio, images and articles that collectively highlight the different interpretations of green living, and the lengths to which people go in order to play a part in taking care of our planet. Perhaps it will inspire you to share your own efforts with us, or to try a different approach.

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