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Ukraine - Living with war

March 20, 2023

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed many people’s lives beyond recognition. Missile strikes have destroyed buildings and infrastructure and killed thousands of civilians. But each day, Ukrainians are trying their best to pursue a normal life.


Journalist Vassili Golod meets Ukrainians seeking to stay positive despite the horror overtaking their country. Like electrician Oleksandr Zinchenko, who works with his colleagues to keep the power grid operating despite repeated Russian attacks. Or singer Vlada, who lost the love of her life in the war. Her partner was killed on the frontline in Bakhmut. Having no words to express her pain, she’s composing music instead and giving concerts to try to encourage other Ukrainians. Therapist Oleksandr is also busy taking care of others. He offers one week therapy programs for soldiers to help them cope with their emotions and stay as stable as possible. We hear stories of people, stories from a warzone, told by reporter Vassili Golod. He embarks on a journey through Ukraine, also visiting Kharkiv, the city of his birth, which has been the scene of fierce bombing.

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About the show

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