Trump and Europe: Partners or Rivals? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 08.12.2016
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Trump and Europe: Partners or Rivals?

Shock and horror in Europe: the next US president will be Donald Trump. Having criticized the EU during the campaign, he now promises good relations. But can the EU take him at his word or is the transatlantic divide set to widen?

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Our guests:

Susan Neiman is a US American Philosopher and Head of the Einstein Forum based in Potsdam/ Germany. She says: "I’m reluctant to make fascist comparisons but Trump’s victory is very frightening. Europe must now take on the responsibility for democratic and social values. "


Stefan Prystawik is a German-American member of the Republican Party. He says: "Europe woke up from a nightmare that turned into shock. If we are here to see the world in four years' time, it will surely have become unrecognizable."



Andreas Kluth is the Germany correspondent of The Economist. He says: "Trump's victory presents a huge risk for the world. European leaders should try to contain his worst instincts while making plans for their security without America."