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Catholics faithfuls in Uganda holding the crucifix. (Michel Gangne/AFP/Getty Images)

COVID-19 pushes church in Africa online

Madagaskar Antananarivo | Coronakrise | angeblich heilender Tee (Getty Images/AFP/Rijasolo )

Studio Talk: is Madagascar's herbal drink worth the hype?

Afrika Schule (Getty Images/AFP/Oympia De Maismont)

Why school closures in Africa affect more than just classes

Tanzanien Blockade an der Grenze zwischen Burundi und Tanzanien (DW/A. Niragira)

Economic impact of COVID-19 in Africa

Afrikas Nationalparks (picture-alliance/dpa/F. von Poser)

How COVID-19 has destroyed Africa's tourism industry

Experts from Infectious disease prevention and control unit screening for Corona Virus passengers

Why some African countries have so few COVID-19 cases

Ghana Accra | Coronavirus | Chinesische Hilfsgüter (imago images/X. Zheng)

How COVID-19 forces China to deal differently with Africa

Arcturus Therapeutics, ein Unternehmen für RNA-Arzneimittel, erforscht einen Impfstoff gegen das neuartige Coronavirus (COVID-10) (Reuters/B. Guan)

Why Africa is turning to Traditional Medicine for COVID-19

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