The Long Arm of the Kremlin | Reporter - On Location | DW | 18.05.2019
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The Long Arm of the Kremlin

For some time, concerns have been growing in Germany and other European Union states that Moscow is clandestinely trying to influence elections and other processes. With the European elections coming up, the issue has taken on a new urgency.

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Deutsche Welle and France 24 looked into this issue in a joint investigative report. The trail led through several European cities and revealed that Moscow does, in fact, maintain closer connections to right-wing groups in the West than previously thought. Far-right parties have even received loans from banks with ties to the Kremlin. Indications are that a right-wing activist from Germany is promoting Russian interests in a number of countries. A French ex-soldier is said of have fought alongside pro-Kremlin separatists and then returned home to work with internal security forces during the yellow-vest protests. All this points to the possibility that Moscow could be purposely stirring up unrest and supporting far-right groupings in European Union countries, especially if these groups follow anti-democratic agendas.

A report by Julie Dungelhoeff and Frank Hofmann.