The Berlin final - Juve vs Barca | Kick off! - The Bundesliga Highlights | DW | 09.06.2015
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Kick off!

The Berlin final - Juve vs Barca

Juventus vs Barcelona. Andrea Pirlo vs Leo Messi. While London hosted the Champions League or European Cup seven times, Vienna and Madrid four times, the honor goes to Berlin for the first time. DW Kick off! shows you how Berlin watched the final.

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As Juventus seek their third title and Barcelona their fifth, Kick off! accompanies four fans in Berlin: Zeno and Renato will cheering on Juventus with their fellow-Italians, while Neus and Mauricio and the city's Spanish contingent will be up for Barca. Following our global football films "German Final" (on the Bayern-Dortmund final in 2013) and 'Your Final' (on the World Cup final in 2014) this time it's a home game for Kick off! Enjoy 'The Berlin Final'!