Thank You for the Rain - A farmer’s fight for the climate | Highlights | DW | 05.01.2022

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Thank You for the Rain - A farmer’s fight for the climate

In his village in Kenya, farmer Kisilu Musya films the effects of climate change. But when a violent storm destroys crops, houses and huts, Kisilu becomes a climate activist.

Filmstills Dokumentation l Danke für den Regen

Kisilu Musya

"Thank You for the Rain" is a joint film by Kisilu Musya, a Kenyan farmer, climate campaigner and video diarist, and Julia Dahr, a Norwegian filmmaker and activist.

Kisilu and Julia live in completely different regions of the world, yet they share the same goals and interests: Fighting climate change, while bringing more attention to this issue. The two worked side by side for more than five years to complete this film.

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