Test it! Subaru Forester | Drive it! - The Motor Magazine | DW | 07.08.2013
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Drive it!

Test it! Subaru Forester

drive it! puts them to the test, big and small, checking performance, space and consumption. Drive it! details all the data and specs, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in individual tests.

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Subaru has increased the performance capability of the "Lineartronic" Continuously Variable Transmission, which it developed with German partner firm Schaeffler Technologies. The newly-designed CVT features a multi-link chain and guide rails to increase torque -- to a maximum of 500 Newtonmeters. The Forester weights in at 1.6 tons, and is powered by a 177 kW gas-powered engine. We put the Forester through its paces, to see whether it really qualifies as a "sport utility vehicle."