Teaming up to protect the Congo Basin | Global Ideas | DW | 01.10.2013
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Global Ideas

Teaming up to protect the Congo Basin

The Central African Republic, Cameroon and the Republic of Congo are working together to save the Congo Basin, home to rich rainforests, from illegal logging, poaching and exploitation.

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The Congo Basin has been called the "Green Heart of Africa," a place where wildlife roams free among a vast and varied landscape of forests, savannas and swamps. Stretching across six countries, the basin boasts rare species like the bongo antelope and lowland and mountain gorillas, and it’s also one of the largest water and carbon storage reservoirs in Central Africa. But the region is also rich in valuable resources, from minerals to tropical timber, and the changing climate has put the entire basin at risk. Now, three countries - Cameroon, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo - have come together to save the precious region from ruin. The International Climate Initiative and Germany’s development bank are providing the funds and support to help them do so.

A film by Jürgen Schneider

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