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Trial begins for suspected Berlin cannibal

Jenipher Camino Gonzalez
August 10, 2021

The suspect is accused of murdering his online date and cutting up his body. Prosecutors believe there was a sexual nature to the crime.

Police use dogs to find the victim's bones in a Berlin park
Police used cadaver sniffing dogs to find the victim's remains in Berlin parkImage: picture alliance/dpa/Telenewsnetwork

A man in Berlin went on trial on Tuesday for allegedly killing another man and eating parts of his body. Prosecutors said the suspect had a "sadistic-cannibalistic sexual motivation for the crime." 

His trial at a Berlin state court is expected to last through mid-October.

The suspect is a 41-year-old Berlin high school teacher, identified only as Stefan R, due to Germany's privacy laws. He has been in custody since he was arrested for the crime in November 2020.

The crime allegedly took place in September 2020, which is when the victim, Stefan T., went missing. His remains were found a month later.

At the apartment of Stefan R., the police found cutting tools, including knives and saws, as well as bone fragments and traces of blood.

The two men are said to have met first on a dating platform and then in person hours later.

Although the victim consented to meeting the suspect, prosecutors said there were no indications that Stefan T. consented to what allegedly happened next.

Body parts were dispersed around Berlin

The meeting took place at the suspect's apartment, where he allegedly killed his victim and cut him up into pieces.

Prosecutors believe that he then ate some of the body parts. He then dispersed the various body parts around the city.

Ultimately, some of the bones of Stefan T. were found in a wooded area of the city's Pankow district.

His online cellphone data was used to track down the taxi driver who allegedly drove him to the suspected killer's home. Investigators also used sniffer dogs to help track him down.

Investigators say they found information online about the suspect's interest in cannibalism which, combined with the physical evidence, led to the arrest.

DPA contributed to this report