Superman′s bisexuality ′not a gimmick,′ writer says | News | DW | 12.10.2021

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Superman's bisexuality 'not a gimmick,' writer says

Jon Kent, the son of original Superman Clark Kent and journalist Lois Lane, kisses reporter Jay Nakamura in an upcoming issue of the comic book "Superman: Son of Kal-El." This has garnered some attention.

Son of Superman kissing male reporter

DC Comics is introducing its first 'bisexual' Superman

DC Comics' latest iteration of Superman's adventures will have a queer lead, the studio announced on Monday. October 11 is also observed as National Coming Out Day in the United States to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Jon Kent, who is the son of original Superman Clark Kent and journalist Lois Lane, kisses reporter Jay Nakamura in issue five of the comic book "Superman: Son of Kal-El." It will be released on November 9.

Writers said they sought to steer away from using his sexuality as a "gimmick."

"We didn't want this to be 'DC Comics creates new queer Superman,'" said writer Tom Taylor, describing the younger Kent as "bisexual." 

"We want this to be 'Superman finds himself, becomes Superman and then comes out,' and I think that's a really important distinction there."

Taylor emphasized the importance of diversity within the superhero realm, saying: "When I was offered this job, I thought, 'Well, if we're going to have a new Superman for the DC Universe, it feels like a missed opportunity to have another straight white savior.'"

The announcement has been welcomed across social media. Many users took to Twitter to express joy and to hail a superhero they could relate to because of their own sexuality. This Superman also cares about the climate crisis and refugees, making him further relatable to young people.

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics announced its first gay Captain America, followed shortly after by "Aquaman" introducing a Black, gay superhero.

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